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    The Best Alternatives for WordPress

    WordPress is considered to be one of the easiest and coolest platforms in CMS. It is intuitive, lightweight and totally free, rather a novelty in blogging platforms. WordPress has been overtaken by other alternatives and is regarded to be the gold standard of every blogging platform. Availability of plugins, overwhelming API network, CMS Code and...

    50K Experienced Designers Creating Websites Code-Free With Webydo, See Why

    Webydo is leading the way in terms of website creation and has been named as one of the top professional online web design software’s by numerous major publications for 2014. The powerful open-code community of developers is slowly subsiding, and making way for Webydo. Webydo provides two integrated work environments that can be put to...

    How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275%

    You must have asked yourself, at-least once, why some posts on Facebook gets a lot of exposure, in terms of likes, comments or shares while other posts don’t. Well, here’s the answer for your question in the form of an amazing Infographic by Neil Patel of Quicksprout. Check it out, Courtesy of: Quick Sprout But,...

    How Far Poker has Come in Recent Years : 888 Poker

    Android and iPhone/iPad apps for 888 poker show how far poker has come in recent years. This new release from 888 poker allows 888′ers the chance to play their favorite poker games while out and on the move! 888 poker have focused on ease of use and clear design with this app. The app is...

    Social Media Infographic 2014

    Social Media is going mobile, more and more people are using Internet via mobile and that’s the reason we are seeing a lot of new apps in the market. Many apps like, WhatsApp, Vine, Line, Snapchat are doing great, garnering a lot of users.

    All Icons of 2013 in a SIngle Infographic

    Here’s an Infographic in which you can see all the available icons of the top million web sites, scaled by Alexa reach, in physical poster form. This started as kickstarter project is successfully funded and you can also order a printed version of the infographic. Interactive version is also available here. Zoom and find out  your...

    How to be more creative in 2014

    The tile may sound absurd to some people because some people think that creativity is something that comes from with in, it is a god gift, no one can learn to be creative but its not true. You can learn anything you want to and being creativity is also an art, if you work hard...

    Social Media Image Dimensions of All Platforms in One Infographic

    Internet culture is moving away from text and getting closer to images or videos, visual content is grabbing more eyeballs than text, reason being less attention span of people. According to a recent study by famous presentation broadcasting website infographics are 21 times more sharaeble than text and that’s why people are using more visual...
    SD Card Data Recovery – Recover Lost Data from SD card

    SD Card Data Recovery – Recover Lost Data from SD card

    Hello Readers, today I am going to share the most memorable experience of my life. Last month, in November me and my friend Alley went for a trip to Las Vegas trip along with few office colleagues. We were planning for that trip since last month, before going. It was a damn amazing trip and we enjoyed a...
    10 Things To Take Care Of When Designing Landing Pages For PPC Campaigns

    10 Things To Take Care Of When Designing Landing Pages For PPC Campaigns

    The perfectly designed and conversion-optimized landing pages can ensure that PPC campaigns convert higher and cost you less per click. You can achieve this by creating a symbiotic relationship between your PPC campaign and your landing page – here’s how.
    Online Marketing Tips Learn How to Upgrade Your Blogging in 2013

    Online Marketing Tips Learn How to Upgrade Your Blogging in 2013

    If the time has come that every day you get a decent amount of readers to your blog you should take your blogging to the next level. You should start online marketing with the help of your blog so that you can now actually take benefit from it and earn some cash in return. Here...
    Which Page Should Twitter Take Out Of Facebook’s CookBook

    Which Page Should Twitter Take Out Of Facebook’s CookBook

    It’s quite clear that Twitter and Facebook both are social networking platforms with different approach and purposes. Over the years both have grown as the pro medium for people to communicate on all levels from personal to professional. Both are great and developing everyday in their own interactive ways.